Murmonyms-Murmurs with an eponym

I believe names associated with clinical signs or murmurs help to bring curiosity and are a tribute to the inventor. These are called eponyms. Below is a summary list of various murmurs with eponyms or we may call it murmonyms. Mitral valve Cary coombs murmur-Rheumatic fever mitral valvulitis.Other mechanisms are choral rupture,annular dilatation. Tricuspid valveContinue reading “Murmonyms-Murmurs with an eponym”

Chloroquine and arrhythmia

Dear friends, Now as US FDA has issued an emergency use authorization to allow hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine used for certain hospitalized patients with COVID-19, it is useful to know some risk predictors in those using drug in view of its much debated pro-arrhythmic potential. American college of cardiology has recently published an article regarding same.Continue reading “Chloroquine and arrhythmia”

Ajmaline testing

Ajmaline is a Rauwolfia derivative CLASS 1 A drug.It is mostly used for diagnosis of arrhythmias USES Delta wave disappearance in WPW syndrome indicating accessory PW ERP >250 msec Demonstrating ST changes ,IVCD in occult chagasic myopathy In cases of BBB and syncope-to demonstrate etiology of heart block To induce Rt precordial STE in BRUGADAContinue reading “Ajmaline testing”

Triadin knockout syndrome

Triadin Knockout syndrome New cause of recessive genetic LQTS Presents before 5 years of age sudden cardiac arrest common Beta blockers no use ECG show symmetric inversion in anterior leads +/- Qt prolongation These may be the genotype negative cases of CPVT Triadin links calsequestrin, ryanodine receptor and junctophilin to L type calcium channel inContinue reading “Triadin knockout syndrome”

ABC-VT score

A new score to help predict adverse events in patients with frequent premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). In the study predictors of adverse remodeling were: non-sustained VT) (odds ratio [OR], 5.3) longer PVC coupling interval of at least 500 ms (OR, 4.7) PVC burden (OR, 4.4 for >20%; OR, 3.5 for 10% to 20%) Superiorly directed PVC axisContinue reading “ABC-VT score”