Triadin knockout syndrome

Triadin Knockout syndrome New cause of recessive genetic LQTS Presents before 5 years of age sudden cardiac arrest common Beta blockers no use ECG show symmetric inversion in anterior leads +/- Qt prolongation These may be the genotype negative cases of CPVT Triadin links calsequestrin, ryanodine receptor and junctophilin to L type calcium channel inContinue reading “Triadin knockout syndrome”

ABC-VT score

A new score to help predict adverse events in patients with frequent premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). In the study predictors of adverse remodeling were: non-sustained VT) (odds ratio [OR], 5.3) longer PVC coupling interval of at least 500 ms (OR, 4.7) PVC burden (OR, 4.4 for >20%; OR, 3.5 for 10% to 20%) Superiorly directed PVC axisContinue reading “ABC-VT score”

“Equally Bicuspid” aortic valve

By far BAV is the most common congenital heart disease Angiographically two types of BAV can be identified-Equally bicuspid and unequal Interestingly Coarctation is associated with an “equally bicuspid ” aortic valve It may be denoting a different pathogenetic process altogether Ref :Catheterization and Cardiovascular Diagnosis 10:17-25 (1984)