Murmonyms-Murmurs with an eponym

I believe names associated with clinical signs or murmurs help to bring curiosity and are a tribute to the inventor. These are called eponyms. Below is a summary list of various murmurs with eponyms or we may call it murmonyms. Mitral valve Cary coombs murmur-Rheumatic fever mitral valvulitis.Other mechanisms are choral rupture,annular dilatation. Tricuspid valveContinue reading “Murmonyms-Murmurs with an eponym”

Dietary approaches in hypertension

Can your diet change your BP ? Studies say YES. Read below to know how Two diet patterns have been studied most regarding BP control. One is Mediterranean diet pattern other is DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet) Mediterranean diet includes nuts,olive oil,fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain. Stress is on goodContinue reading “Dietary approaches in hypertension”

A quiz on myocarditis

Most common manifestation of Lyme myocarditis is ? A 38 year old male presented with orthopnea, fever, fatigue and chronic diarrhea. Echocardiography showed mitral stenosis and aortic valve regurgitation. His work up for chronic diarrhea revealed rod-shaped organisms in intestine biopsy under electron microscopy. What is the most probable diagnosis? A 26-year-old man presented withContinue reading “A quiz on myocarditis”

Trials on device monitoring in HF

TRIAL COMMENT HOMEOSTASIS Implantable LAP monitor (HeartPOD) REDUCE HF Stopped premature due to RV lead problems EVOLVO ICD alarms in detecting early HF and reduced emergency admissions noted SENSE HF Low predictive value of device in HF REM-HF No benefit with device for HF device IN-TIME Tele monitoring using ICDs or cardiac resynchronisation defibrillators (CRT-Ds)Continue reading “Trials on device monitoring in HF”

Try this quiz on Aortic aneurysm

Level:Intermediate Part of aorta maximum vulnerable to deceleration trauma? Infrarenal aorta has got more vasa vasora. True or false? AAA is abdominal aorta diameter greater than _______ ? Over what age SVS (society of vascular surgeons) recommend screening for AAA in tobacco in male smokers? Antibiotic studied for its action on reducing AAA by actingContinue reading “Try this quiz on Aortic aneurysm”

Quiz-Narrow complex tachycardia

Here is a short quiz on narrow QRS complex tachycardia.Questions range from easy to difficult as you progress through. QUIZ Second most common narrow complex tachycardia (NCT)? 95% of AVRT is of which type —– Three or more different P wave morphologies, with associated irregular PR and R–R intervals are diagnostic of  ? For differentiatingContinue reading “Quiz-Narrow complex tachycardia”

Chloroquine and arrhythmia

Dear friends, Now as US FDA has issued an emergency use authorization to allow hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine used for certain hospitalized patients with COVID-19, it is useful to know some risk predictors in those using drug in view of its much debated pro-arrhythmic potential. American college of cardiology has recently published an article regarding same.Continue reading “Chloroquine and arrhythmia”

Ajmaline testing

Ajmaline is a Rauwolfia derivative CLASS 1 A drug.It is mostly used for diagnosis of arrhythmias USES Delta wave disappearance in WPW syndrome indicating accessory PW ERP >250 msec Demonstrating ST changes ,IVCD in occult chagasic myopathy In cases of BBB and syncope-to demonstrate etiology of heart block To induce Rt precordial STE in BRUGADAContinue reading “Ajmaline testing”