Murmonyms-Murmurs with an eponym

I believe names associated with clinical signs or murmurs help to bring curiosity and are a tribute to the inventor. These are called eponyms. Below is a summary list of various murmurs with eponyms or we may call it murmonyms.

Mitral valve

Cary coombs murmur-Rheumatic fever mitral valvulitis.Other mechanisms are choral rupture,annular dilatation.

Tricuspid valve

Rivero Carvallo sign-Inspiratory augmentation of tricuspid regurgitation murmur.

Reverse Rivero carvallo sign -Inspiratory decrease of TR murmur in right sided HCM and straight back syndrome.

Aortic valve

Austin flint murmur-MDM in severe aortic regurgitation.

Key Hodgkin murmur-Murmur with a quality of “sawing wood” in AR due to cusp retroflexion.

Cole Cecil murmur -AR murmur heard in axilla.

Cooing dove murmur -Cusp prolapse in acute AR.Also heard in acute MR.

Some physicians have described it as sound produced by rubbing leather of shoe 👞 with each other.

Pulmonary valve

Graham steell murmur-Early decrescendo diastolic murmur in pulmonary hypertension which increases with inspiration.

Congenital heart disease

Roger murmur -Loud murmur of small ventricular septal defect.

Train in tunnel/Gibson murmur- Continous murmur of PDA with eddy sounds in between.

High flow situation

Cabot Locke murmur-Early diastolic murmur at the base in anemia.

Lerman Means scratch -Midsystolic murmur in basal areas in hyperthyroidism.

Stills vibratory murmur-Medium to long systolic murmur at the left lower sternal border due to vibration of chordae in children.


Dock’s murmur-Diastolic murmur in proximal left anterior descending artery stenosis.


Rytand murmur- Middiastolic murmur in complete AV block.

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