Dietary approaches in hypertension

Can your diet change your BP ? Studies say YES. Read below to know how

Two diet patterns have been studied most regarding BP control. One is Mediterranean diet pattern other is DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet)

Mediterranean diet includes nuts,olive oil,fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain. Stress is on good fat intake.

But DASH diet is rich in protein,fiber,magnesium calcium,fresh veggies and fruits but low in fat.

DASH diet has got better evidence for utility

Salt and BP control-The relation between salt intake and hypertension is complicated like a J curve.Optimal salt is better,less than 2.3 g/day is good,too less is also worse.

As they say sprinkle the salt “just right”!

There are many other food items,minerals implicated in BP control,rather I say speculated.

What exactly cause hypertension ?

Still remain as an enigma.Modern medicine is playing hide and seek behind veil of fancy terms “idiopathic “/”essential” .No one really knows the truth.

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