Try this quiz on Aortic aneurysm


  1. Part of aorta maximum vulnerable to deceleration trauma?
  2. Infrarenal aorta has got more vasa vasora. True or false?
  3. AAA is abdominal aorta diameter greater than _______ ?
  4. Over what age SVS (society of vascular surgeons) recommend screening for AAA in tobacco in male smokers?
  5. Antibiotic studied for its action on reducing AAA by acting on MMP enzyme?
  6. In 100 patients with large AAA, how many may have a co-existent TAA as per current literature?
  7. 5-year risk of rupture for AAA larger than 7 cm?
  8. Endoleak resulting from leak through graft fabric is type ___?
  9. Name a trial comparing open surgery and EVAR?
  10. Endotension size increase mandating a surgical correction is ?

One thought on “Try this quiz on Aortic aneurysm

  1. Answers

    1. Aortic isthmus,
    2. False. It decreases as we go distally. It receives nutrition via direct diffusion.
    3. 3 cm
    4. 65 years
    5. Doxycycline
    6. 25 % of them have associated thoracic AA
    7. 80 %
    8. Type 4 endo leak. There are 5 types of endo leak
    9. EVAR-1, DREAM, IMPROVE trials
    10. 10 mm

    Ref; Braunwald heart disease,11 the ed Ch 63.

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