Quiz-Narrow complex tachycardia

Here is a short quiz on narrow QRS complex tachycardia.Questions range from easy to difficult as you progress through.


  1. Second most common narrow complex tachycardia (NCT)?
  2. 95% of AVRT is of which type —–
  3. Three or more different P wave morphologies, with associated irregular PR and R–R intervals are diagnostic of  ?
  4. For differentiating regular vs Irregular NCT, variability in R to R interval greater than ——
  5. Alpha limb of perinodal circuit in AVNRT is —–conducting(slow/fast)
  6. INhalation of Flecainide to Convert Recent Onset SympTomatic Atrial Fibrillation to siNus rhythm was tested in which trial ?tested
  7. PJRT is a —–RP tachycardia ?
  8. Most common mechanism of narrow complex tachycardia is ?
  9. Single P wave is followed by two narrow QRS complexes causing an irregular R–R tachycardia in ——
  10. NODE-1 is a clinical trial ongoing for an inhalational agent for terminating PSVT using —–?

Reference- Shah RL, Badhwar N. Heart 2020;106:772–783

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