Ajmaline testing

IAjmaline testing in Brugada syndrome ECG courtesy ;Dr J Heuser

Ajmaline is a Rauwolfia derivative CLASS 1 A drug.It is mostly used for diagnosis of arrhythmias


  1. Delta wave disappearance in WPW syndrome indicating accessory PW ERP >250 msec
  2. Demonstrating ST changes ,IVCD in occult chagasic myopathy
  3. In cases of BBB and syncope-to demonstrate etiology of heart block
  4. To induce Rt precordial STE in BRUGADA syndrome with normal ecg. (mc)

Adverse reactions

  1. Mild anticholinergic
  2. Mild depression of LV systolic fn
  3. Worsen AV conduction in His purkinje disease
  4. Rarely TdP occur
  5. Increase Defibrillation threshold

Ref-BW 11 th ed pg 677

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